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Welcome at Sance


On this website you will find lampwork beads and jewellery made with lampwork beads. These beads are individually made in the flame, hence the term 'lampworking' or flameworking. I use glass from 'Morretti/Effetre, Lauscha, CIM, Reichenbach' and occasionlly from 'Ornella'. Because these glass brands are of a high quality, these beads are not compareable with those found in common trade - that usually are made in sweatshops - and are a cheap alternative for the real glass art.

Once the beads are finished, they are annealed in a kiln. This means that they are cooled during the night in a slow and controlled temperature setting, allowing to eliminate the stress from the glass. In that way you can be sure that the beads last for a very long time.

Making glass beads is very labour intensive. Depending on the decoration it can take up to 90 minutes until the bead is truly finished. A lampwork bead never loses its beauty. Glass is a material that doesn't perish. In musea you still can find glass beads from over 4000 years old. Lampwork beads were at one time even used as means of payment! (trading beads)

I emphesize that all lampwork beads and jewellery on this website are handcrafted by myself. So, if you want to use some images, please be so kind to refer to this site.

I'll try to renew the catalogue as often as possible, so feel free to check out my shop regulary. I will try to be as complete as possible in the description of the jewellery and beads, but if something isn't clear to you, you can always contact me. To place an order, simply send an e-mail mentioning the item of your choice, to You will receive an answer as soon as possible.

You can also follow me on my blog. Take a look en join the followers.

I'm also a member of the Tongerse Kunstkring (Artists' Society) and the artists' collective Global Arts. You may want to check my agenda for upcoming events.